Thelma Coleman


Thelma is in the business of helping her clients solve their IRS and State Issues (CEO-Success Tax Help). Her ultimate goal is to make a difference and leave an impact on the lives of her clients. She believes “by educating the clients on the complicated tax code and the importance of filing taxes on time” it will prevent future tax problems.

Thelma is a humble servant of God, a devoted wife, proud mother, and business owner. She has over 20 years of experience in the rewarding field of sales in the following industries: Automotive, commercial collections, insurance benefits, and tax resolution, respectively. She is a “sought after” trainer in the arena of sales, some of the companies she has previously worked with are: Sonic Automotive Group, Brinker International, Ambit Energy, Tax Cite, NKS Debt Recovery, and Coast to Coast Tax Relief. She is a member of the International Association of Coaching, Expert Rating Business Coaching, La-Porte-Bayshore Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, and BOD-Mastermind Alliance Group, to name a few.

Thelma is a graduate from University of Phoenix@ Houston, Texas, as well as Jimmy Evans Pastoral School for Pastors and Leaders, and Marriage on the Rock Certification.


Evelina Griffin


Evelina is a Accountant and Tax Preparer at Success Tax Help. She received an Associate of Applied Science in 2008 from North Harris Community College. She is also a graduate of University of Houston-Downtown, where she received a BBA in Accounting in 2011. Evelina is a current member of Professional Accounting Society (PAS) and a member of the nation’s largest leadership honor society (National Society of Leadership and Success).

Evelina is very passionate about helping others. In her spare time, Evelina enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, and horseback riding.


What We Do











When you are looking for solutions to your tax problems, you must hire a company with the experience necessary to get the job done. At Success Tax Relief, we have over 60 years of experience solving consumer and business tax debts. We understand that it can be quite scary when the IRS shows up at your door or calls you at all hours of the night. Give us a call today at 832-829-5674 so that we can help you put a stop to those harassing phone calls and visits from intimidating IRS agents. At Success Tax Relief, we like to think that our service sets us apart when compared to other companies in our line of work. As a small business, we live by the following values which have contributed largely to our incredible success with helping others settle their tax debts.

    • Open Door Policy – At Success Tax Relief, we operate under an open door policy at all times. Many of our competitors will not provide their office locations for fear that their customers will actually show up at their door. We welcome that interaction and would be happy to meet with you at our offices. Transparency is one of our most important principles and therefore we look forward to meeting each and every one of our customers if necessary.


    • Mobile – Many tax relief agencies operate entirely over the phone. We prefer to operate based on our customer’s needs. If you need us to come to you, that is perfectly fine. By physically visiting some of our customers, it has shown to improve our credibility in the tax relief business when compared to our competitors who often refuse to visit any of their customers.


    • 24/7 Availability – We realize that your tax problems do not only occur between the hours of 9am – 5pm. We are available around the clock to speak with you about your tax relief needs. Not only do we want to help you with your tax debt, we also want to ensure that your debt is settled, so you can continue on the road to financial security.


    • Small Business Mentality – Success Tax Relief consists of a small group of tax relief specialists with a wealth of experience dealing with IRS issues. Unlike some of our competitors, you will always be able to talk with an actual human being when you call our offices as opposed to a computerized answering service telling you to call back when it is more convenient. Our customers greatly appreciate this added level of customer service which is often unheard of in the tax relief business. While we may be a small business in terms of number of employees, our knowledge equals, if not exceeds, many of our competitors.


  • Nationwide Service – While Success Tax Relief is based in the Houston area, we are a nationwide tax relief firm. With thousands of customers from around the country, you can rest easy knowing that your tax problems are being handled by professionals with the necessary experience to get the job done for you in a timely manner.

Are you in trouble with the IRS? Have you failed to pay taxes for several years and are being hounded by the IRS? If so, you need the services of a tax relief firm. Give Success Tax Relief a call today at 832-829-5674 so that we can help you determine what it is you owe the IRS, if anything at all. Many of our customers find out that the IRS made a mistake which, when corrected, resulted in them receiving money back as opposed to owing money to the IRS. This information is impossible to obtain unless you have a professional tax relief company working on your behalf to get to the bottom of your IRS problems as soon as possible.

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