Success Tax Help is a full service tax relief firm with offices in the Houston, TX area and Atlanta, Georgia with over 60 years of experience helping thousands of clients all over the country resolve their complicated tax problems. We offer strong and responsive customer service to each of our valued customers, provide competitive pricing and have experience with a wide variety of tax relief services including:


  • Offer in Compromise: One very appealing option for settling your debt with the IRS for less than the full amount owed is with an Offer in Compromise program. If approved, the IRS will start by reviewing and evaluating your ability to pay the debt, your annual income, general expenses and asset equity to come up with a proposed amount due. This is similar to a debt settlement program for those with mounting credit card debt. The IRS realizes that there are times when it might be better for them to receive some portion of the amount due, rather than not receive any payment at all.
  • Tax Preparation: Detailed and accurate tax preparation is one of the most critical things you can do to prevent or combat problems with the Internal Revenue Service. Success Tax Help can help you prepare your annual taxes. In addition, if you experience a situation in which you are behind on filing your taxes or have been contacted directly by the IRS about failure to file or pay, we can help you develop a strategy for the best way to resolve this quickly and painlessly.
  • Audits: A tax audit is the process the IRS uses to investigate whether you have paid the correct amount of income taxes. Audits are generally conducted by the IRS on approximately 1% of all individuals or businesses each year. Generally, audits are done by mail, focus on one aspect of a tax return and often result in the taxpayer owing additional money to the IRS
  • Properly Structured Payment Plans: In some cases, the IRS will allow you to make monthly payments through an approved installment plan, especially if you cannot afford to pay the full tax debt all at one time. Installment agreements are extremely helpful for taxpayers who have gotten behind in paying their taxes or cannot make a lump sum payment.
  • Our team of experienced tax professionals at Success Tax Help can help with the tax problems listed above as well as many others. Our staff is standing by right now – all you have to do is call 1-832-829-5674 to get started. Tax problems are a huge burden for many individuals and our firm can help you get these problems resolved once and for all. We can take over all communication with the IRS on your behalf and work with them on a solution that will work for you. We will not stop until you are satisfied with the outcome. Imagine the relief you will feel knowing that you are finally able to work toward a solution for your mounting tax problems!

Our Services Include:


  1. Settle Back Taxes
  2. Offer In Compromise
  3. Stop liens, levies, and garnishments
  4. UnFiled Tax Returns
  5. Settle Payroll Taxes
  6. Stop Interest and Penalties
  7. Audit Representation
  8. Stop IRS Tax Problems
  9. Audit Appeal or Audit
  10. Reconsideration
  11. Innocent Spouse and Reasonable
  12. Installment Plans

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